Mobile Application Design for Farmland Flooding Prevention and Realtime Data Collection

Sangkyu Eun, Taegon Kim, Jimin Lee, Kyo Suh, Minwon Jang
Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning Vol.19 No.3, 2013,pp.1-12

Climate change has increased the number of floods and inundation on farmland. Recently various mobile applications through inundation mapping, flood forecasts and evacuation routes have been developed for the prevention and reduction of flood damages. However, most of current prevention systems for farmland flooding are still web-based systems relying on the field survey which needs a lot of human and time resources although mobile devices has been rapidly improved and widely used. The purpose of this study is to design a mobile application for preventing and reducing farmland flood and inundation damages and collecting damage information in real time. We put advanced mobile device functions such as GPS, network communications, cameras into our system design. This system implement 2way communication and intuitive application that will increase information efficiency and decrease flood damage. Our design has been tested through previous flooding data of Jinju city in 2010.

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