Numerical Solution of Second Order Linear Partial Differential Equations using Agricultural Systems Application Platform

Sungyong Lee, Taegon Kim, Kyo Suh, Yicheol Han, Jemyung Lee, Hojae Yi, Jeongjae Lee
Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers v.58 no.1, 2016, pp.81-90

The Agricultural Systems Application Platform (ASAP) provides bottom-up modelling and simulation environment for agricultural engineer. The purpose of this study is to expand usability of the ASAP to the second order partial differential equations: elliptic equations, parabolic equations, and hyperbolic equations. The ASAP is a general-purpose simulation tool which express natural phenomenon with capsulized independent components to simplify implementation and maintenance. To use the ASAP in continuous problems, it is necessary to solve partial differential equations. This study shows usage of the ASAP in elliptic problem, parabolic problem, and hyperbolic problem, and solves of static heat problem, heat transfer problem, and wave problem as examples. The example problems are solved with the ASAP and Finite Difference method (FDM) for verification. The ASAP shows identical results to FDM. These applications are useful to simulate the engineering problem including equilibrium, diffusion and wave problem.

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