Development of Multi-platform 3D Interactive Rural Landscape Simulator with Low-cost Web GIS and Game Engine

Sungyong Lee, Taegon Kim, Jimin Lee, Kyo Suh
Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning Vol.19 No.4, 2013, pp.177-189

3D modeling and rendering technologies are getting more attention from landscape planners and architects because the virtual reality based on 3D graphic technology could give more realistic experience to landscape simulation users and boost promotional effects. The 3D landscape simulation, however, not only requires a lot of cost and time in production, but also demands efforts to distribute to consumers due to various computing environment of them. The purpose of this study is to suggest a process for developing an interactive 3D landscape simulator with low-cost, which can support multi-platform functionality in high quality through reviewing related current software and web services. We select GIMP for 2D image texturing, SketchUpfor 3D modeling, Unity for real-time rendering, and Google Earth for terrain modeling considering price and workability and apply the developed process for Windows, Web, and Android versions to test the applicability for Sangji-ri, Gosam-myeon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

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