Analysis on Characteristics of Time Allotments for Activities of Rural Elder Population

Yoonhee Lee, Yeonjoung Bae, Jimin Lee, Jeongjae Lee, Kyo Suh
Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning, 2012, Vol.18, No.4, pp. 91-101

The time management and allotments for various activities of daily life is much different by age groups. This study analyzes time allotments of different age groups for various activities of daily life to figure out the change of main activity by aging through 2009 time use survey by National Statistical Office. Especially we focus on time allotments of rural elderly population and intangible factors for life quality of people instead of physical and environmental elements. The results show that there is a large gap of time allotments for paid and unpaid working time of rural and urban elderly population. Whereas the time for leisure of elderly women in rural areas is much shorter than that of urban elderly women and rural elderly men spend more time to provide community services and help to other households. However, the percentage leisure time of rural elderly people for passive activities such as TV, radio, magazine etc. is longer than that of urban elderly people. We hope that our analysis data could be used for developing new policies and project to improve the life quality of rural elderly population.

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