Development of GASS2 through Improving Inter-component Connection and Communication Modules

Taegon Kim, Sungyong Lee, Hojae Yi, Jeongjae Lee, Kyo Suh
Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers, September 2014 Vol 56, Issue. 5

The purpose of this study is to improve the Generic Agricultural Systems Simulator (GASS) which can simulate various rural systems based on object-oriented model. GASS provides the configuration platform of various system components to simplify integrated agricultural system models such as irrigation systems for rice farming. The new connection and communication modules of GASS improve applicability for modelling diverse systems. The geometric connection of GASS replaces topological connection, and communication protocols expand to analyze not only homogeneous system but also heterogeneous system. In this paper, we applied GASS2 to simulate the water heights of linked tanks and the simulation outputs were verified through comparing with analytical solutions of differential equations. The two new modules make it possible to analyze the 4-tank problem which includes topological and heterogenous issues with GASS2.

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