Dynamic Masterplan of the Saemangeum Grain Complex for Progressive Development

Chanhoon Jung, Chanwoo Kim, Solhee Kim, Jinseon Park, Donguk Seo, Kyo Suh
Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers, Vol. 60, No. 4, pp.1~13

The grain complex of Saemangeum is created for promoting the foundation of agriculture combined the global competitiveness. However, the masterplan is being also revised with changing of local conditions and social needs. Thus, the dynamic masterplan is needed to consider the change of time for Saemangeum project. The present study was made to set up the dynamic masterplan of Saemangeum grain complex for handling the change such as project progress, local environment, and project conditions flexibly. In this study, the dynamic masterplan for the progressive development of water supply, farmland composition, and introduction facilities is presented to the 6-2 zone in three stages. We believed that the water supply would be possible through the pumping and desalination facilities with the development stages. The farmland composition proceeded for each complex with reclamation, soil preparation, and soft soil processing. And it is planned to carry out crop cultivation from the complex where the construction is completed first. The introduction facilities were analyzed focusing on the silos and forage loading facilities, and the optimal location of them was selected using road and accessibility. The concept of dynamic masterplan may provide the direction for the planning and progress of reclamation project.

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