Analysis of the Regional Dependency Using the O-D Matrix of Commuters

Jimin Lee, Taegon Kim, Jeongjae Lee, Kyo Suh
Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning, 2012, v.18, n.3,

Development of transportation and communication technology has affected our daily life and has caused to separate residential places from working places. Particularly in rural areas, the life zones are incorporated into larger towns or urban areas due to their lack of cultural, social and economic infrastructures. Thus, the analysis of the depended region and the life zone is important for the planning of regional revitalization programs and related project. The purpose of this study is to propose a regional dependency model (RDM) using the origin-destination(O-D) matrix of commuters and compare it with the Nystuen & Dacey model for regional correlation. The regional characteristics are analysed and our RDM were tested using the commuting data on Seoul metropolitan area(Seoul, Gyeong-gi, Incheon) and Chungchung area. The regional correlation model can only explain the determination of regional interaction without considering the direction of regional correlation but our model can show the direction of regional dependencies.

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