Analysis of Influencing Export Factors of Major Agricultural Products for ASEAN using Panel Gravity Model

Solhee Kim, Younghwan Son, Jinseon Park, Taegon Kim, Kyo Suh
Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning Vol. 22, No. 4, 2016, pp. 103 - 114

The global trade partners have been diversified and mixed in agricultural market, which is expended the international agri-food market through the Regional Trade Agreement and World Trade Organization, etc. The aim of this study is to derive influential factors for exports increases of agricultural products targeting to Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). We set the equation for agricultural products exports referred to panel gravity model considering panel fixed effect for controlling endogeneity within variables. The results of this study are the follows; (1) Social economic distance considering international oil price negatively affects in the mushroom model; (2) Korean GDP affects (-) in a mushroom model and (+) in a vegetable model, however, ASEAN’s per capita GDP indicates opposite influence in the same model; (3) Relative exchange rate shows negative impact in a vegetable model; (4) The entry status into WTO and the status in force of FTA have converse effects in mushroom and vegetable model, respectively.

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