Development of Indicators to Evaluate the Regional Preparedness Level for Rural Aging

Jimin Lee, Yoonhee Lee, Yeonjoung Lee, Jeongjae Lee, Kyo Suh
Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning, 2012, Vol.18, No.4, pp. 69-78

Korean population has been rapidly aging. Most of people regard the aging population as future crisis due to the rate of change and agree to prepare for a soft-landing on aging society in South Korea. Particularly, the aging population growth in rural areas is much faster than urban areas. Also rural areas relatively have poorer social and economic conditions so the countermeasures for population aging considering related social and economic indices are required. Moreover, each rural region has the different preparedness level for rural aging based on regional socio-economic characteristics. In this study, we analyzed correlations of the rural aging rate and local characteristics and developed an evaluation index to show the regional preparedness status for rural aging. To test the applicability of developed indicators, we applied them to 161 rural regions and assessed regional preparedness level for rural aging. This study would provide basic data for establishing policies for rural aging.

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