Analysis of a 6th Industrialization Model in the Saemangeum Grain Complex

Yooan Kim, Chanhoon Jung, Solhee Kim, Chanwoo Kim, Kyo Suh
Journal of The Korean Society of Rural Planning, Vol. 25, No. 2, 2019. pp. 63-74

As the awareness of food security has increased, the Korean government has established national projects, such as Saemangeum proclaimed land, to secure sources of grain. Saemangeum is a large-scale agricultural area that was constructed to maintain preparedness for unstable food markets. This study aims to develop a 6th Industrialization Model (SIM) for Saemangeum Grain Complex by applying feasible strategies to wheat and two-rowed barley which have low self-sufficiency rates. In addition, this study estimates the potential economic value of each development strategy associated with a sixth industrialization model to create higher added values from production, processing and tourism experiences. The strategic plan for primary, secondary, and tertiary industries is to combine cultivating and processing wheat and two-rowed barley for sales and linking them to tourism experience. This study shows value added from the combination of the primary, secondary and tertiary industry of wheat and two-rowed barley are 7.5 and 23.0 times more than those of the primary and tertiary industry combination, respectively. Through branding Saemangeum Grain Complex’s products, such as Saemanguem bread and craft beer, would further enhance the economic benefits derived from the complex.

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